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August 19, 2005
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Slunt by FabianMonk Slunt by FabianMonk
So as I stated somewhere, Red J and me are far from done collaborating with each other. Here's a rather weird, albeit cool looking sketch that Red sent over my way about a month ago (roughly), but I didn't have the chance to color it until recently, since I was gone touring the far corners of this world (read: Italy and Germany) on my summer vacation. But now I finally got around to coloring it, and here it is.
We decided to make a sort of experiment with this one, in which we will both post slightly different versions of this image. Red will be posting what you see here, but with some tweaks and changes on his part. In the end, I'll be seeing which version people enjoy more, and what of Red's tweaking skills I can acquire for myself in the future. Kind of like an awesome learning experience, if you will!

Pencils: Jon "Red J" Sommariva
Colors: Me (Monk)

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS.
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ninjai Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
triger Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2005   Digital Artist
see that s what you get for beeing a lame ass bitch like me
I had the lines for a month or so aswell now and just like you I haven t touched them for quite a while
and when I did I stupidly as I am over saved a newer version with an old one and since than I haven t touched the pic again

and now I come here and see you little punk ass slunt color it
I m so so so so mad MAD
I m gonna beam me throu aim the next time we talk and kick your slunt ass

you know what we should do thou we should do a big ass super collab thou
with Jon´s lines and than color it together with seed
that d be hella cool I guess

I mean think about it man a foursome ....
need I say more ???

ohh btw just so I have said it nice colors

Nic ;)
Red-J Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2005  Professional General Artist
Bwahahahaha....I like your usage of the slunt word here triger. Nice one. I was wondering if/when we would ever see a version from you.

Never mind....I think I can arrange something where you monk and seed can collab in a way....See, I would like to draw this SLUNT again. I think he is offensive enough to warrant a return to DA, and I could do something like what I drew with Monks chibis....except without the background.....hmmmm....I am having some thoughts here.

If you guys are up for it, I'll work something out when I get the time!


FabianMonk Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2005  Student Digital Artist
Na, da Seed und ich eh mal ne Weile her über ein collab nachgedacht haben, wär das doch mal was. Jetzt hab ich eh ncoh etwas Zeit, denn die Schule fängt für mich gerade erst wieder an (hoffentlich wird's nicht zu schnell zu stressig.
nuthead Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2005  Student Filmographer
well done!
benky Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
the incredible monk-art is here!!!!!!!!!! ;)
FabianMonk Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2005  Student Digital Artist
Oh stop that! ;P
SilviodB Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2005  Professional General Artist rox man. Aewsome Piece, AGAIN!!:-)
ChaoticWolfen Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2005
*raises brow*
That's a cool orginal type way. Still... worth staring at...
fuzzydemon Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2005
wow.. awesome.
those tones look really cool in yellow. those blue highlights look sweet :thumbsup:
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